MAES El Paso

Mexican American Engineers & Scientists

The MAES Logo

The Aztec pyramid and the sun exemplifies the engineering skills of our ancestors. The logo's outer ring represents the encompassing magnitude of the sun and our place in the universe. The gear and atom symbolize involvement with current engineering and science disciplines. The eagle is a symbol of strength and biculturalism being that it serves as the national emblem of both Mexico and the United States. The stars and stripes denote the member's nationality and citizenship.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member?

Well if you're a student the easy answer is MONEY!  Yes we give scholarships to students studying in the fields of science and engineering.  Not to mention several opportunities throught the year to network and gain experience for when you graduate.

If you are already a graduate no worries  becomeing a member has many valuable benefits.  Networking, Networking, Networking...there is no better way to see who you work with in your city.  See how professionals work together to help the future of others. 

How to become a member?

FIll out this easy form.